thanksgiving day
thanksgiving day

In an article published on CNN by Katia Huetter, CNN Updated at 0136 GMT (0936 HKT) November 13, 2020, some important things if you’re going to see your family on this occasion: how to avoid transferring the virus to them, according to experts, quarantine yourself for minimum 14 days.

To find out everything, CNN asked Dr.Leana Wen, a medical analyst at CNN. and a visiting professor and emergency physician at George Washington University United States of America and Milken Institute School of Public Health.

Quarantine Before Seeing Family

On the question of is necessary to quarantine before visiting family? Dr.Replied that we are suffering from the worst part of COVID-19 pandemics. Infection cases reached 1 million in just 10 days. There is more space for new patients in hospitals and they are diverting them because there is no space in even intensive care and emergency units.

Over love, one also can carry coronavirus the same as strangers. Because of the high rate of infection in the community, it is not safe to get together indoors with no necessary need. It is recommended to get yourself quarantined for a minimum of 14 days for you and your family health if you want to get together with your family for indoor Thanksgiving.

Why Quarantine 14 Days 

The maximum incubation period for the virus which causes COVID-19  is 14 days. If you did not quarantine for 14 days, you will not know if you have an infection or not. I am sure no one wants to spread a virus inadvertently to their loved one. Also, testing before a 14-day quarantine may not show actual results.

Things to do During Quarantine

Quarantine means to stay away from others, but it does not mean to stay locked at home. Getting some fresh air is very important for mental and physical health. Stay on a safe social distance from others while exercising or walking outside. Keep at least a 2-meter or six feet distance from others.

Involve yourself in some enjoyable activities like adopting some weight loss plan or weight gain plan. if you are overweight, try the keto diet plan, which is recommended. 

What I Should not Do 

There are some things that you should not do during your quarantine, such as avoiding indoor restaurants, indoor bars, and gyms. Don’t get together with outsiders for anything. If you’re meeting people outdoors, make sure to 2-meter distance all the time. 

Who has to Quarantine? 

Anyone visiting family after a long period and wants to get together must quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. If one person did not follow the instructions of Quarantine, that person is exposing not only others but also his loved ones to risk. Set the expectation in advance, which needs a lot of trusts 

Other Ways to Celebrate Without Getting Together with the Family 

We can’t get together with families without 14 days of quarantine and expose them to coronavirus risk. but there is a way we can plan outdoor Thanksgiving parties, by keeping a safe social distance. Do not worry if you can not celebrate the day because of the weather, be flexible 

Dr.Wen said I understand that it is very difficult but not impossible if you keep your safety and the safety of your family in mind. It is winter. We should take all the precautions such as washing hands and mouth, wearing masks, the physical distance of a minimum of 2-meters. Avoid indoor gathering is hard we already endured so many sacrifices. Together we can defeat the virus