Understanding the Basics of Cancer, Blood Cancer, Signs, and Symptoms
Understanding the Basics of Cancer, Blood Cancer, Signs, and Symptoms

Our body’s cells keep replacing themselves in a controlled way throughout our life. When this process damaged for any reason and cells altered and become out of control, it starts cancer.

Tumors are a cluster of such abnormal cells that go out of control during replacing the cells. These tumors are the basic forms of cancers. All tumors are not cancerous and not harmful.

Normal tumors did not expand to other elements and glands of the body. These tumors did not cause the production of new tumors. These tumors are also declared Benign, favorable or noncancerous tumors.

These tumors affect the body functions and reduce the necessary nutrients for the healthy cells of the body and make them weak.

While cancers grow and spread throughout the body and the malignant cells travel through the blood and form tumors in the whole body.

More than a hundred diseases are affecting the whole body and every part of the body. They are life-threatening and can be deadly in the end. These are also denominated cancer cells.

Types of Cancer

Some major types of cancer are 

  • Sarcoma
  • Carcinoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Melanoma
  • Leukemia
  • Carcinomas

The origins of cancer are

  • Lungs
  • Breasts
  • Skin
  • Pancreas
  • Breast
  • Glands

Lymphocytes are due to lymphomas. Blood cancer is called leukemia. Blood cancer did not form any kind of solid tumors.

Sarcomas build in muscles, fat, bones, blood vessels, soft tissues of the body, connective tissues, they are most uncommon.

Cells that make the skin pigment can cause melanomas cancer which is also called skin cancer. It is not a new disease. Cancer is familiar for thousands of years. It has come with the revolution of human. But man did not understand cancer till the last century when medical science come to know about its facts and reality.

What are the Signs of Blood Cancer

Your blood cell attacked by several kinds of cancer cells. The symptoms come very slowly and mostly did not come in the notice without any special tests. Some of the people and patients sometimes did not have any kind of symptoms.

There are some indications that are fair to people holding blood cancer. Here are some common examples of Blood cancer.


Your bone marrow produces blood cells inside your body, it is the place where cancer starts. It causes make the blood cells to go out of control and stay for a long time than their natural life span and did not fight with the diseases and other bad cells like normal white cells in the blood.

Leukemia has many forms of cancers some of them become worse very fastly and you will suddenly feel very sick.

Just as you caught by the flu. While other types can take more than years to develop and cause chronic symptoms. The only first clue is the abnormal results of a blood test.

Leukemia makes the cancer cells which stop healthy blood cells to grow and work normally. That causes many diseases.


The white blood cells that also called lymphocytes they help to get rid of the waste of your body it is a lymph system that carries infections. They make your body make lymphocytes grow out of control and make it hard to fight the infections that attack the body. Lymphocytes grow very fastly and without any control and make it harder for white cells to fight the infections.

The main sign of lymphoma is expanding lymph lumps. The lumps appear on the neck, groin, and armpit. These nodes grow inside the body and press the organs in your body and cause shortness of breath, coughing, pain in the chest, bones, and belly. Your tummy may become bigger and you feel your bloating. These nodes are commonly not painful but they hurt when you drink or eat alcohol and other alcohol-related drinks like sodas.

Common Signs of Lymphoma

Some common signs of this condition are 

  • Night sweats
  • Feeling tired
  • Fever
  • Itchy skin
  • Fast and unexplained weight loss


In this condition, the body did not make enough red blood cells on its own and the already available red blood cells did not work properly. The signs of anemia are different in different people some of them are 

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling weak or tired every time
  • Breath problem or shortness of breath
  • Pale and yellow skin
  • Chest and body pain
  • Weakness 

Poor Clotting

When you get hurt or get any injury in which you bleed the platelets in the blood make clots to stop the blood. When your body did not produce too many platelets, your blood did not convert into clots and even small cuts bleed more than normal bleeding. And you will always have a bloody nose often, the other signs of this condition are 

  • Bleeding gums and teeth
  • Unnatural bruising
  • Red dots on the skin and broke vessels on the skin
  • Heavy periods in women 
  • Black or streaked bowel and steaked red

Some other Common Symptoms

In cancer, the white blood cells did not fight well with the infection that makes you sick by different kinds of diseases. You can get sick again and again and take more time to get recover, you can get many night sweats and a lot of fevers.

Lymph notes build up in your body, liver, tonsils, and spleen which cause them to inflamed and swell. These lumps also appear in the armpit and groin areas. When these nodes develop in your abdomen you feel full even after eating a very low amount of food. That causes a lot of weight loss without any exercise and try to lose weight. When cancer cells grow in your bone marrow they cause severe pain in the bones and joints.

Multiple Myeloma

The other cell that fights the diseases are plasma cells, these cells are found in the bloodstream. This condition makes a fast increase in plasma cells without any control and increases in density and quantity. They also release some chemicals in your bloodstream that damage the body organs and body tissues. Some from very fastly and worst than others but the symptoms did not come up too early and you did not know that you have this condition. Some of the main symptoms are

Bone Pain

Long-lasting and serious pain is the most common sign of multiple myeloma commonly in the ribs and back. The chemical released by cancer cells stops the growth and healing process of bones. That makes them thin and very weak and causes easy breakage of bones.

It also damages the spine bones which creates pressure on the nerves and you feel severe pain and weakness. The person attacked by this disease can not move fastly and feels pain in the legs and arms along with tingling, that person also loses control of the bladder and bowel.


This kind of cancer causes a soaring level of calcium in the blood rivulet. Which lead to different other health conditions, such as 

Excessive urination

Excessive thirst


Stomach pain




Loss of appetite

Weight loss

Kidneys get affected by too much calcium in the blood which hurts the kidneys. This disease also produces proteins that make ankles swollen and breath short. Sometimes itchy skin.