Trump is the only American president in the history of America who has more than 400.000 deaths during his tenure. This stain will remain with the name of Donald Trump.

The world’s largest administration has managed during the Covid-19 pandemic after crossing the dull vestibule on Tuesday.

According to the dashboard of Johns Hopkins University, the death toll has raised by 400,050. 

During the flu pandemic in 1918, Woodrow Wilson was in office, about 675000 were killed in the Us and more than fifty million worldwide. During his presidency, so many Americans lost their lives.

During the world war, two total fatalities were about 405000 in the US, and most of them were reported during the Harry Truman Presidency after the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was died in April 1945. While about 618000 to 750000 people were killed during war 1861 and 1865.

Many historians and health experts blame Trump and his administration for too many deaths during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Dr.Steven Woolf who is a director at the center on Society and Health at VCU ( Virginia Commonwealth University). “The most troubling thing about these deaths is that this loss of life was preventable.” he also added that this disease is an infectious condition and we understand the way to treat it. But we did not respond against the virus as we did against other situations such as against wars.

Blood on His Hands

Whalen who is an expert on the American presidency and an associate professor at BU. said that “he has, you could say, blood on his hands.” because trump knew that it is a threat and he did not take the necessary steps thoughtfully and resourceful.

Infections and fatalities during January were more than 230000 new infections and 3000 deaths in a single day. which overwhelmed the hospitals of stats. 405000 deaths were projected by the University of Washington on the anniversary of the covid-19 in the US.

Pace of New Infection

In the past 2.5 months, the pace of new infections has accelerated unaccepted, vaccines have arrived and the biggest hope of health specialists is the incoming administration of President Joe Biden, who may bring a scientific approach to the virus.

Although the Trump administration help to develop vaccines in record time, it did not cover their late response to the pandemic.

Biden government to take ‘more effective performance

Biden vowed to have 100 million doses of new vaccine during his first 100 days. He proposed a pandemic relief package of 1.9 trillion dollars along with seventy billion dollars for virus testing and vaccination program.

Some experts say it is a stretch while others say it is cacheable. The vaccine distribution is very slow due to a lack of happens because of a deficiency of regulation or lack of coordination from the government and health department. It can be easy to start but it will be harder to provide vaccines to all the people of the state. But the administration should do and made by the government to protect the lives of people.

Whalen said it is true that in 1918 world war pushed everything back but we do not have any excuse in this situation and so the Trump.