Hard masses of minerals form the shape of pebbles in the bladder, it happens when your urine contains minerals crystals, these crystals gather in the bladder and form a stone.

It mostly happens if you hold your pee for long times again and again, or you have trouble emptying your bladder completely.

These stones if small in size can pass without any treatment, but big bladder stones may need surgery and medication. If you did not treat bladder stones on time they may lead to severe infections and other complications.

Symptoms of Bladder Stone

Normally bladder stones did not cause any problem. And sometimes a little one can irritate too much. The bladder stone can stop or block urine and irritates bladder walls. Symptoms and signs include

  • Urination with pain
  • Pain in lower abdominal
  • Interrupted or difficulty in urine flow
  • Urination frequently 
  • Bloody urine
  • Abnormal urine
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Cloudy urine

Causes of Bladder Stones

There are many causes for the bladder stone when your bladder is not completely empty. Which makes urine concentrated which later on converts into stone after crystallizing.

The bladder stones also can develop even when the bladder is empty 

Some type of health conditions also leads to this health condition in which stone develops in bladders. Sometimes other conditions also affect the bladder’s working and cause stone forming in the bladder. Any type of external thing present in the bladder causes bladder stone.