Obesity is affecting a large number of people in the United State of America and all over the world. It is one of the biggest problems in the world in the health sector.

There are several health conditions associated with it. Which is also known as metabolic syndrome. It includes diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health conditions.

As compared to people with a normal weight range, people with metabolic syndrome are at high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Doctors and researchers had worked hard on the topic of causes of obesity and its treatment. And found various things such as

Causes for Obesity

Some of the major causes associated with obesity are


Genetics is a strong component of obesity. If your parent is obese then you much more likely to become obese than people of lean parents.  

But it did not show predetermination of obesity in any person. It depends on your diet which can affect obesity more than genes.

Communities or societies with fewer industries fastly become obese by eating a western diet. It did not change their genes but the signal sent to the genes.

Aggressive Food Marketing

We are living in the world of marketing every business spends 90 percent on publicity more than quality. Junk food producers are doing very aggressive marketing.

They try to promote unhealthy products more than healthy foods due to the profit ratio, although it is an unethical job. They are doing many misleading claims, and the worse thing is that they mostly target children and teenagers.

These days teenagers and children are becoming obese, addicted to junk foods, and affecting by diabetes. Long before reaching the age of making informed decisions about their consumption. 

Junk Foods Engineering

Highly processed foods have a lot of additives and refined ingredients. For increasing sales the manufacturers trying to make foods tasty as possible, which causes overheating and overeating causes obesity.

Food Addiction

Junk food with high fat and sugar-sweetened stimulate the centers of the brain. Actually, these food are the same as abused drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine.

Many individuals can be addicted to these foods. To change this behavior, these people have to struggle like other drug-addicted people, like when a person struggling with alcohol or nicotine addiction losses control over his drinking or smoking behavior.

It is a very complicated issue. When you become addicted, you lose the freedom of choice, and your brain darts calling again and again for that thing.


Many medical drugs and medications can cause weight gain such as antidepressants often cause modest weight gain as a side effect.

Some other medicines for different diseases such as medication to treat diabetes and psychotics. these drugs change the function of the brain and body by reducing metabolism and increasing appetite.


Insulin is an important hormone to control and store energy. Its function is to give orders to fat cells to store glucose in the shape of fat for later use. By promoting insulin resistance we can overcome obesity and overweight. 

Unbalanced inulin levels can caus fat stored in the fat cells instead of use. Insulin has a controversial role in the case of obesity, many studies have shown that high insulin levels causing obesity.

The best natural way to lower your insulin level is to stop using refined foods, refined carbohydrates, and with increasing fiber in food. Which automatically reduces the calories and increase weight loss without portion control or calories counting.


Another hormone that plays a big role in the case of obesity is leptin. Its main function is to produce fat cells and its high level causes higher fat mass in blood vessels.

High levels of leptin are linked to appetite, in healthy people. When you work properly, or actively, it tells your brain how much fat is needed to store.

In obese people, it did not produce properly or can not cross the barrier of blood-brain for some reasons. And their body cell did not understand how much fat have to store in fat cells and the store over than required, which causes obesity.


Excess consumption of Sugar changes the biochemistry of the body and hormones. The modern diet has the worst aspect which is added sugar. Which contributes to extra weight gain.

Sugar contains half fructose and half glucose.

We consume glucose from different kinds of foods, while the main source of fructose is added sugar. Which cause insulin resistance and increase insulin levels in the body. It did not have properties like glucose.

For this, the sugar can lead to extra energy storage which leads to obesity and extra weight gain.

Availability of Food

Food availability is dramatically influencing people’s waistline these days, in the past, people have very few foods to eat. But now, you can see food everywhere especially junk foods. Markets and shops are now full of different kinds of foods.

In the United States of America, junk food is cheaper than healthy food which is a big problem, people with low-income intake these junk foods to save money.

These markets and stores are selling candies, sodas, and processed foods like junk foods. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find fresh and whole food in some areas and sometimes it is so expensive that people have no choice.

Lack of Information

Actually, people in the United States of America and worldwide do not have enough information about health and nutrition. And they are being misinformed or mislead by food processing companies and junk food suppliers.

Internet is also another source of incorrect and inaccurate information about nutrition and health. Some information is outdated and based on never proven theories.

Wrong information or product for weight loss can hold back your progress in weight loss. 


Strong willpower perform the main role in losing weight but obesity or weight gain is not due to a lack of willpower. Weight gain is basically due to lifestyle and eating behavior. And sometimes people fail to control their eating habits or to change their lifestyle.

There are various biological factors behind overeating such as hormones and genetics. 


This article is not an excuse for you to give up. You can not control your body functions completely, But you can control your weight by some simple techniques.

A drastic lifestyle change and a little hard work can change your life entirely. Sometimes it takes more time than other people due to man factors but it is not impossible.

If you are really want to maintain your healthy weight you should change your eating habits.