What are Types of Kidney Stones, Diagnosis, and Basic Treatments
What are Types of Kidney Stones, Diagnosis, and Basic Treatments

In this health, condition the kidney develops stones of different sizes and shapes in the kidneys or tubes connected to the bladder.

Types of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones have broken down into types according to there treatment such as

Cystine Stones

This kidney stone develops due to genetic mutation. It is the most frequent type of kidney stone. In this health condition, kidneys can not reabsorb cystine which is a compound.

In this condition, urine has a high level of cystine, and the concentration of cystine in the kidneys causes the formation of stones.

Calcium settled Stones

This is the most basic sort of kidney stone. It can be occurred by eating just common foods which have high levels of vitamin D, vitamin D is the main cause for kidney stone.

The main reason for this kind of stone is not drinking enough water. You should drink some extra water or liquid juices a lot if you sweat a lot due to working in a humid environment.

Uric acid stones

If you are a non-vegetarian and you utilize a large number of animal proteins in your diet. This high amount of animal protein consumption causes uric acid to increase in your urine and helps to build a stone in your kidneys. It also increases the risks of diabetes, chronic diarrhea, and gout.

Struvite stones

These stones develop due to infection in the kidneys, different kind of infections such as infection in the urinary tract can cause this condition 

 Diagnosis of Kidney Stone

To confirm the possibility of a kidney stone your doctor firstly check your medical history and some test such as

Blood tests

A doctor can ask you to get some blood test which will show the amount of uric acid and calcium in your blood. And this report will tell a lot about the health of your kidneys

Imaging Tests

Some imaging test is used to check and confirm the location and size of stones in kidney these test can include

  • X-ray
  • CT-Scan
  • Ultrasound

These tests are very helpful to find the stone and to know its location in the body. Either they are in the kidneys or tubes. In pregnant women, ultrasound is used rather than a CT-scan.

Urine Tests

It is an important test. The doctor normally asks for 12 hours or 24-hour samples. To know about the mineral that is causing the development of stones in the kidneys. Or deficiency of other important compounds that stop the forming of stones in the kidneys

Some Basic Treatment of Kidney Stone

All type of kidney stones does not require special treatment. If the mass of the stone is too small then it can go out with pee. To make this process fast you can take these some simple steps 

Drink a Lot of Water

If you are diagnosed with any kind of stone in your kidney or in other parts of the kidneys. You should take plenty of water a minimum of eight to ten glasses of any kind of your favorite liquid or water. That will not only help you to clear the kidneys and clear the urine.

Over-The-Counter Pain Medicines

Some over the counter medicines are used to reduce the pain due to kidney stones. Such as

Naproxen salts

Ibuprofen salts

Never take these drugs without the permission of your doctor.