Causes of Erectile dysfunction
Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also known as ED is a health condition in which you have no ability to keep or get an erection to have sexual intercourse. Another less often used term is impotence.

Occasional or temporary erectile dysfunction is a very common problem among men of all ages. Men experience stress many times during their life.

Sometimes it can be a sign of the different type of diseases which needs treatment. It also could be a sign of relationship difficulty.

What causes an erection?

When blood flow increased in your penis it causes an erection. It is normally stimulated by direct or indirect contact with the penis, penile area, or sexual thoughts.

When you become sexually excited, the muscles of the penis get relax which allows blood flow in the penile veins which fills chambers of the penis shaft. when these chambers filled with blood you got a rigid hard penis.

The muscles contract to release blood from the chambers and penile veins which ends the erection and the penis comes back to its normal state.

Erectile dysfunction causes

Erectile dysfunction has many possible reasons which include physical health conditions and emotional conditions. Some common causes are:


Diabetes is one of the main reasons and health conditions for erectile dysfunction. It damages the nerves and blood vessels that help you to get an erection. If you did not control your diabetes the chances of getting erectile dysfunction could be double.

Cardiovascular Disease

Different kinds of cardio conditions can cause erectile dysfunction because the supply of blood decreases to the male organ.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure also affects the erection process, you can feel a problem in achieving a firm erection if you have a high blood pressure condition.

High Cholesterol

A high level of bad cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction by blocking veins. Those are responsible to supply blood to the penis.


Obesity is a mother of different kinds of diseases along with erectile dysfunction because it becomes hard to supply blood to the whole body for the heart.

Hormone imbalances

Some time due to any disease or drug our body did not produce enough hormones that are responsible for erections, and these hormones also called testosterone. When the level of testosterone goes low you can feel hard to get an erection or keep it for enough time.

Kidney Disease

Kidney diseases have many health conditions associated with them. Such as Harmon imbalance, neuro problems, and blood flow to the penis.


If you get any pelvic, spinal cord, penile, or bladder injury that requires surgery can cause ED.

Brain and Nerve disorders

The nervous system plays the main role in getting an erection. Many things can disrupt the vital signals to the penis such as 

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alsheimer’s disease
  • Stress
  • Increased age
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking tobacco
  • Drug use
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis (MS)

Venous leak

You can keep an erection if blood stays for a while in the penis, but if it did not stay and flows out quickly, you will lose erection very fast. Diseases and injury can cause this problem

Prostate enlargement

It also plays a role in erectile dysfunction, and it normally happens in old aged men.

Bottom line

Erectile dysfunction is a normal part of men. Many people are dealing with it. If you think you have a problem with getting an erection or erectile dysfunction talk to your health care provider or doctor for a better solution. There also some authentic and approved products available, that can help you cope with erectile dysfunction.