Why You get Mole How to Treat or Remove Moles
Why You get Mole How to Treat or Remove Moles

When skin cell gets cluster it forms a mole, it can be black or brown. It can grow on any portion of your body’s skin. These moles are often not cancerous. It mostly appears before the age of 25.

If a mole continues to appear or changes its size, shape, or color after age you should visit your doctor immediately because it can be cancerous. Because immediate removal of these cells can help to stop the spread of cancer in other parts of the skin and body.

If you do not like to have a mole you can remove it through a proper procedure. Sometimes it feels awful when it comes in way of your dress or shave.

How To Know whether a Mole Is Harmful or Not?

For confirmation you should visit your doctor he will take a look to find out about the mole. Sometimes doctors take some tissue samples to check-in the laboratory and sometimes do a small surgery to remove it completely. 

You should nurse a dermatologist or a skin professional for a prescription. They will forward the samples to the lab to examine them more closely. This method is termed a biopsy. Which most common procedure, if the result comes positive means you have a cancerous cell then maybe the entire area of mole need to be removed quickly to prevent other skin cells.

How to Remove Mole?

There are several techniques to remove a mole from the skin according to its size and condition. It is a simple kind of surgery that they normally perform at their clinic or hospital. There are normally two ways to do this procedure

Surgical shaving

This surgery is used to get rid of smaller moles. Doctors use a numbing agent to numb the area of the mole then they use a sharp small blade to remove the mole from the skin. It is very little surgery and normally did not need stitches. 

Surgical Excision Process

It is normally used to remove moles of big sizes that can not remove with normal surgery. After numbing the skin, the doctor uses a sharp scalpel or circular blad to cut the mole and skin linked to the mole. Being a big cut doctor needs to stitch the skin.

Risk Associated with Mole Removing Surgery

These surgeries can leave scars on the skin. The main side effect of this kind of surgery is that the skin can get infected if the surgery did not do properly.

Follow the instructions of your health care provider until the healing of the wound. Keep it clean, covered, and moist. If the wound starts bleeding call your doctor immediately.

Did Mole Come Backe?

Commonly mole did not come back after surgery and its complete removal. but sometimes a cancerous mole can come back. They also can spread in other parts of the body its proper medication and treatment is not done. 

It is very important to keep an eye on that area, and if you feel any kind of changes or complications you should tell your doctor immediately. There are also some natural products available to remove the mole.