Young Adults are Transmitting infection, Cruising to Canada is Suspended until 2022
Young Adults are Transmitting infection, Cruising to Canada is Suspended until 2022

A study done by the researchers of London’s Imperial College estimated that 65 percent of the infection in the US are transmitted by young adults of age between 20 to 49 years. The only way to control the spreading is to vaccinating this group.

According to the authors, transmission can block vaccine by targeted medication to the group of adults between twenty to forty-nine which will help to halt resurgent epidemics and preventing coronavirus caused deaths.

The older adults are facing a high rate of death are at the front line of vaccinations. While children spread the coronavirus very little. So according to studies the first target of vaccination should be young adults.

Dr.John Brownstein Professor at Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School told USA Today that it is a big question, do we are vaccinating the most v vulnerable or the most involved in the transmission of the virus.? We all should perform our role to stop the virus spreading 

Data indicates that vaccination can prevent the transmission of the virus said Bronstein, but we do not know that preventing the vulnerable should or not remain our priority. According to these findings, we should put extra pressure to roll out vaccines widely.

The public health specialist Mr. Ogbonnaya Omenka also an associate professor at Butler University said that we should add shifting goalposts and put our part to compare pandemics.

The aim to take the advantage of the opponent’s gaps or vulnerabilities is our main aim. Mitigating the effects of infectious agents like an arms race or a chess game. said Dominika.

convalescent plasma not helpful, FDA says

The FDA ( Food and drug administration changed the use of convalescent plasma for coronavirus therapy for the hospitalized patients in early disease course after a study reported that the treatment was issued in use authorization in august.

It is a liquid part of blood that collected from the recovered patients from coronavirus. These patients develop antibodies and proteins that help to fight the infection of coronavirus. Many people including celebrities and congressmen donated plasma after getting well from the coronavirus infection and so many others have done the same.

The plasma with low levels of antibodies did not show any benefits and helpful in coronavirus patients. According to FDA and organization wrote that the benefits of this treatment is still believed outweigh the risks for people who recently hospitalized or diagnosed positive with covid 19

J&J will supply 100M vaccine doses by end of June

Johnson & Johnson applies for FDA authorization, whose single dose will provide sixty-six percent protection against the disease in the international trials, and requested FDA to give emergency authorization on Thursday.

If FDA gives clearance the company will serve as another best and valuable tool to fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic at a time when the vaccine demand is more than the supply. They are expecting to deliver more than 100 million doses of vaccine before the end of June.